If your organisation is unsure of the 'security' of your supply chain, you simply cannot rely on third-party, remote and 'desktop' analysis by agents or consultants to verify the status for you, YOU SIMPLY MUST GO THERE.


New legislation is being introduced around the world where all companies/businesses are responsible for their supply chain integrity. Failure to do so will result in prosecution, fines and trade/export restrictions. 

There are companies with ‘lists’ of accredited suppliers, but have these suppliers being fully investigated? Our investigations reveal that they haven’t. Merely being accredited to these online companies will not protect you from prosecution. SHuT teams investigate the whole supply chain, physically, in country, and are world leaders in supply chain investigations.

If your current supply verification stops short of second, third or fourth tiers of supply chain verification and your office based 'verification / digital verifications' teams are not able to go to the factory, farm, mine, plantation etc., in the country of origin, please contact us, we can go there, anywhere globally, and undertake on-site verification checks for conditions, payment systems and general working contractual conditions.


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SHuT have conducted supply chain investigations around the world.

Our team are experts in investigation, evidence gathering, surveillance, tracking and cultivating informants.  SHuT’s global reach and investigative expertise make them uniquely positioned to provide organizations with a complete breakdown of the integrity of their supply chains. SHuT’s Supply Chain Investigations Team includes on-the-ground industry experts, investigators, forensic accountants, data analysts, cyber specialists and former military special operations and law enforcement officers.

This range of capabilities allows SHuT to look beyond appearances to create accurate portraits of a supplier’s financial stability, production capacity, operational resiliency and compliance record, as well as its record and culture regarding workplace conditions, environmental regulations, sanctions compliance and human rights. SHuT’s extensive local contacts and the expertise of our Political Risk Team, allows us to make an objective assessment of the host country’s political sentiment and governmental capabilities in areas that can materially affect a supplier’s ability to perform.

SHuT’s supply chain investigations can be tailored to meet a variety of situations, including:

  • The vetting or onboarding of potential suppliers or business partners

  • A physical assessment of the current supply chain 

  • Due diligence in the planning of facilities in foreign jurisdictions.

Whatever the context, SHuT’s Supply Chain Investigations Team can help identify and mitigate risks before they materialize and keep pace with changes in what has quickly become a highly volatile component of strategy and operations.
SHuT will provide a comprehensive confidential report on your company’s supply chain. Confidentiality is paramount to how we operate.
Supply chain integrity is becoming more important to businesses and customers, and many Governments are starting to implement policy which will require evidence of supply chain integrity.
Make sure your organisation is on the front foot, contact us now.


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