Results and Outcome

SHuT’s full-spectrum intelligence capabilities are derivative of our counter-terrorism experiences. Terrorism differs from human trafficking in that terrorism is to a large extent driven by religion, which has the power to elicit powerful emotions. Human trafficking is driven by money.


The full exploitation of human trafficking networks will lead to the identification of global finance streams, internal and external monetary sources, routes, and network leaders.


Exploiting these elements in the trafficking trade will result in external repression, internal collapse, public rejection and successful military and police operations.


Successful law enforcement operations are critical to removing key centres of gravity to global trafficking operations. Although motivation to continue human trafficking operations might exist, attacking the networks will produce a decline in its capability to continue operations and lead to its structural demise.

No other organisation fighting human trafficking has produced such a decisive and in-depth operational package as Stop Human Trafficking (SHuT).

Over a 2 Year period, SHuT have interdicted and rescued 860 girls.

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SHuT has operated throughout SE Asia working to eradicate human trafficking.



SHuT surveilled and tracked Human Traffickers, who were charging Afghans $10,000 to be trafficked through Indonesia to Australia. Evidence gathered was passed on to authorities in Afghanistan and Indonesia.

SHuT are currently working with Afghan Nationals inside Afghanistan and have found safe overland routes for refugees to leave the country. 

Partnering with other organisations, SHuT are laying the foundations to go into Afghanistan and set up permanent presence in country to monitor and assist where required.


Trained local Doctors to operate safely in Jungle environments, allowing them access to rural communities unable to access medical aid. Many of these villages have been targeted by Human Traffickers. An educational package was derived and delivered to these remote areas.

SHuT worked closely with local Law Enforcement, training them in surveillance and evidence gathering. SHuT investigated the Thai fishing industry, exposing forced labour, debt bonding in both the canning factories and fishing vessels. Companies in the UK and New Zealand were consulted and briefed on supply chain management.

SHuT worked closely with local Law Enforcement Task Forces, training them in surveillance, photography, camouflage and concealment, advanced and tactical driving, evidence gathering, report writing and forensic evidence gathering. Mentoring on the ground, SHuT were responsible for tracking and interdicting girls forced into the sex trade, over a period of 2 years rescuing more than 800 girls. SHuT also investigated crime syndicates involved in Human Trafficking, passing on information gained to Law Enforcement who were able to effect arrests of high level crime syndicate members.

Presently, SHuT operatives are in Vietnam, working closely with Law Enforcement and NGO’s to educate rural communities about Human Trafficking. Whilst in the rural communities, SHuT are investigating and gathering intelligence on Human Traffickers.