Our team are all ex-Special Operations Operatives from the Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Services and specialist support team members.  


We have decided to use our skills, experience and expertise gained through years of service to eradicate human trafficking. Our approach is unique, we investigate the chain throughout the trafficker’s organisation, not just rescuing the victims of trafficking, but going after the crime syndicates involved.


Currently, SHuT are working throughout SE Asia, training Law Enforcement Teams in an effort to combat Human Trafficking. Human Traffickers use the old trading routes to traffic people, and the flow of information and intelligence is not shared from country to country.

We are designing a unique intelligence database to link all our trained teams, enabling them to share information. 

fishing slaves.jpg

It is our goal to set up a central intelligence unit, to link the various Law Enforcement teams, to assist them to follow traffickers from country to country along these trade routes.

This has not been done before by any other organisation, government or private, we need you to help us achieve this milestone.